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Just for fun – I took about 10 minutes to run through some figures on Apple and I simply can’t believe how low the estimates are for this quarter.  My quick and dirty back of the napkin math comes to a $4.76 EPS estimate this quarter on revenues of $19.21B.  Analysts expect $4.06 on revenues of $18.86B.  The expectations for next quarter are outrageously low which means Apple could actually provide upside guidance.  The estimate is currently at $5.04 in EPS and $22.22B in revenues.  17% sequential growth in revenues heading into the Holiday shopping season????  Are these people living under a rock?

Anyhow, I haven’t performed any fancy analysis or anything so take my horrible anlalysis here with a hefty grain of salt, however, I am willing to bet that my estimates are substantially closer to reality than the experts who are getting paid to do this full-time.  For the life of me I cannot figure out how anyone claiming to be an analyst could come up with a $4 EPS estimate for this quarter or a $5 estimate for next quarter.  The Q4 estimates are embarrassing in my opinion and provide investors with absolutely ZERO value.

PS – I have no position in Apple stock.

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