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Japanese Manufacturing Contracts in April

More signs that the optimism about the success of Abenomics might have been a bit enthusiastic. ย This is from Sober Look:

“Japan’s consumption tax hit the nation’s manufacturing sector harder than economists had anticipated.

Markit: – Japanese manufacturing firms saw a decline in output for the first time in 14 months in April. Alongside this fall in output was a deterioration in new orders which also decreased for the first time in 14 months.ย In both cases, firms linked the reductions to the rise in the sales tax.

Japan Manuacturing PMI

Many of Japan’s consumers are expected to stay out of stores for a while, having bought all they could prior to the tax hike (see story). The BOJ had factored some of that slowdown into their analysis. The full extent of the damage to the economy however remains uncertain.”


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