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Is This Gold’s Magazine Indicator Moment?

For the record, I hate gold as an investment. I don’t like owning it individually in a portfolio as I don’t believe it’s an “investment” or even a currency in our monetary system. That said, the contrarian in me starts to perk up when I am reading different mainstream media sites that virtually guarantee the demise of gold in the coming years.

The Washington Post:




Is it really that easy? Gold prices fall 50%, sentiment crumbles, gold bugs appear totally discredited and now we can all ride this short trade to the bank?  Or is this gold’s magazine indicator moment?  Have we reached a point of max pain in the sell off? I have no idea and I am not going to be invested in gold to find out, but inquiring minds have to be wondering how “textbook” this short trade is after it’s fallen 50%….

Updated: I originally posted an article from 2013 by accident.