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This is a very good discussion regarding one of the most high profile tech battles that has raged over the last few years – Blackberry vs. Apple.  I don’t have a dog in this fight in terms of individual positions (ie, I own neither stocks), but I do own a huge array of Apple products.  I wouldn’t call myself a “techie”, but I have tended to be the “first adopter” type.  I’m the idiot who runs out and purchases the new hot tech gadget before it is proven or is allowed to be cut in price by 50% (and improved upon) within the first year out.  

That said, I’ve been a big believer in Apple’s dominance for a long time (unfortunately, I’ve owned the shares at much lower prices for what has always turned out to be not long enough).  There quite simply is no other tech company out there that is making products that are as powerful, dynamic and just generally as cool as Apple’s products.  Of course, this doesn’t imply that Apple’s upside hasn’t already been priced into the market, but it could mean that its competitors are going to continue to lag this behemoth of a company and that their users will continue to migrate.

Morningstar’s Joe Beaulieu discusses some of the big picture topics that are impacting RIMM these days and whether it can sustain the headwinds (or the Apples if you will) that it now confronts:

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