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Insider selling and buying data can be tricky.  In general, it’s noisy data to say the least and generally useless for various reasons.  The few times when I’ve found that it becomes somewhat useful is when you track CFO data and outlier data.   Yahoo Finance has an outlier for us.  According to Argus Research insiders are selling at a 6.43:1 ratio which is higher than 95% of other weeks:

“One firm that gathers and analyzes the data is Argus Research, which publishes its findings in the Vickers Weekly Insider Report. One indicator that the firm calculates is a ratio of the number of shares that insiders have sold in the open market to the number that they have purchased.

In the week ending last Friday, according to the latest issue of the Vickers report, this sell-to-buy ratio stood at 6.43 to 1. This is higher than 95% of other weeks’ readings over the last decade.

That’s ominous enough, but consider last week’s sell-to-buy ratio for just those issues listed on the NYSE or AMEX. That came in at 13.10 to 1, which is the highest reading for this ratio since when Vickers began collecting the data, which was October 1974.”


Source: Yahoo Finance

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