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In Defense of San Diego….

Tyler Cowen has a beef with San Diego.  As a long time San Diego resident I can tell you, quite confidently, that it’s the best city in America.  I also happened to spend the first 25 years of my life in Cowen’s home city, Washington DC.  As great as DC is it’s got NOTHING on San Diego (except maybe a superior football team who I still root for vigorously).   And I can tell you that anyone who says DC has a great deal of culture probably hasn’t been to NY City enough times….

Anyhow, you’re probably wondering how I know San Diego is the best city in America?  Well, it’s where WD-40 and the Navy Seals claim home to.  Without these two products Americans would basically be wandering hopelessly through life looking for meaning.   Throw in the fact that the weather is 65 degrees and sunny 85% of the year and the fact that you can live by the beach for less than living in rural DC and the argument is pretty much settled right there.

But Cowen thinks there’s no culture in San Diego.  Well, that’s only true if you ignore the fact that no city has produced and sent more shows to Broadway, ignore the 90 awesome museums, avoid the San Diego Symphony, don’t gorge yourself on the amazing San Diego craft brews, refuse to spend a few nights in Old Town where the Mexican American Cuisine and culture is unrivaled, avoid the arts scene in La Jolla and Balboa Park, ignore the military history on display at the Midway or basically just close your eyes while you’re here.  After all, the city itself is a work of art.  Aside from San Francisco I can’t think of a more beautiful city in the USA.  You just need to spend some time perusing the landscape from downtown to Balboa Park to Del Mar.  If you don’t fall in love with the harbor you’ll definitely fall in love with La Jolla or Del Mar.   And you won’t be itching to go back to DC any time soon.  Trust me, I know the feeling….


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