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I Did Some Podcasts. They Were Great.

I did some podcasts recently that I think you might enjoy. Or you might hate them. I guess it depends. But I figured you might want to give them a listen in any case.

The Alpha Trader Podcast – I joined Aaron Task and Stephen Alpher to discuss the current state of the financial markets including:

  • Why the recent rally makes more sense than some people seem to think.
  • Why this isn’t the next Great Depression.
  • Why value stocks might finally become more attractive.
  • The risk of future inflation.
  • Has Buffett lost his touch?

The Pomp Podcast – I joined Anthony Pompliano in a longer and wonkier podcast to discuss:

  • What is the Fed?
  • What is the Fed doing today?
  • Common misconceptions about the Fed.
  • Gold, Bitcoin and lots of other nerdy stuff.

I hope you enjoy!