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Housekeeping: You Asked For It….

Okay, I got a TON of complaints after turning the comments off last week so I am going to test an alternative this week.  I am turning Disqus on with the hope that user registration and a more organized commenting system makes the moderation and handling much simpler from my end.  Posts can be voted on so bad content will get pushed down and users can be picked as moderators to help with any negative commentary on the site.

I hope this is a healthy and productive alternative to just shutting things down entirely.  Any feedback during the week would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  1. LVG

    Nice. I think this is a good middle ground. Forcing registration and comment voting will deter the hacks from engaging.

  2. Cullen Roche

    Comments show up in real-time on the site, but Disqus seems to be lagging in the comment count and on the comment widget. I don’t know why. I’ll ask someone to look into it.

  3. pliu412

    Just wonder if you will migrate all recent articles with Disqus comment option?

  4. Cullen Roche

    Are you looking for something in particular? I have been trying to update old articles with Disqus, but it doesn’t seem to be working so far. So I can’t guarantee it.

  5. Bluidbouy

    Thanks. It’s the interaction that refines all our ideas and helps us learn, in spite of our predisposition to those posts and comments which reinforce existing beliefs.

  6. blonderealist

    Disqus is fine with me, I’ve used it for a year or so on other sites. I agree with others on this thread that we can learn from each others’ comments.

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