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Hard Times Mean Easy Money is Here to Stay

Here are the slides from the presentation I gave at the University of South Carolina yesterday at their 33rd annual economic outlook conference.  It was a really great event and it was nice talking to local business owners and many of the residents in South Carolina who make the economy there hum.  The University put on a great event.  Thanks to everyone who attended the event.

I don’t know if there will be video of the speech I gave, but my slides are pretty self explanatory.  Here’s the quick summary:

  • The USA has been through a historic credit crisis.
  • The healing is a process, not an event.  
  • The economy remains extremely fragile, but growing!
  • We are not Japan, we are Japan on “fast forward”
  • This is not the 70’s!
  • The private sector is increasingly running with the baton. 
  • The tapering is coming in 2014, but don’t mistake the taper for the end of easy money.  The Fed will remain extremely accommodative.
  • Tapering is a positive sign for the economy and the markets.  
  • The Fed won’t pull the rug out from under the markets.  
  • Don’t throw a taper tantrum.  QE likely hasn’t had a hugely positive impact on the economy, therefore, reduction of QE likely won’t be a huge negative.   

Let me now if you have any questions.

Hard Times Mean Easy Money is Here to Stay

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