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Everything You Need to Know About Inflation

Inflation is all the rage these days and it’s pretty much all I’ve been talking about lately. Here are some good resources I’ve produced in the last few weeks on the current inflation environment and how you can put it into the right perspective.

Validea Podcast on inflation. We discuss:

  • the various ways to measure it and how they are different
  • the history of inflation in the US
  • why quantitative easing didn’t cause inflation, but fiscal stimulus did
  • the major forces that have kept inflation down
  • the differences between now and the 1970s
  • what hyperinflation is and why it is very unlikely

The Investors Podcast – Masterclass on inflation. We discuss:

  • What is inflation, and what is it not
  • How much of inflation is due to base effects
  • How can expected inflation drive inflation
  • If the current inflation is temporary
  • How is inflation reflected in the real estate prices
  • Why do we have regional differences in inflation
  • If investors can profit from the interest rate parity
  • If investors should take on debt in an inflationary environment
  • Whether value stocks are a good investment in times of inflation
  • Whether paper assets can be inflation-proofed?
  • How Cullen Roche has positioned himself

And if you missed my big piece on hyperinflation you can read that here. I hope this helps.