Chart Of The Day


Inflation pressures remain subdued according to the latest inflation data out of the ECRI.  The ECRI is one of the few companies that provides a reliable independent inflation gauge.  The latest reading of 98.6 was just slightly higher than the November reading of 98.4.   Lakshman Achuthan says this is a subdued level (via ECRI):

U.S. inflationary pressures were slightly higher in December, as the U.S. future inflation gauge crept to 98.6 from a revised 98.4 in November, originally reported as 98.3, according to data released Friday morning by the Economic Cycle Research Institute.

“With the USFIG ending 2011 near the lows of the year, underlying U.S. inflation pressures remain subdued,” ECRI Chief Operations Officer Lakshman Achuthan said in a release.

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