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The ECRI has released their latest reading on their weekly leading indicator and the news is becoming a bit more mixed.  The leading index fell to 130.9 from last week’s reading of 131.4.   Of concern is the slowing annualized growth rate.  The annualized growth rate dipped to 21.5% from 22.7% last week.

In the video attached, Lakshman Achuthan describes the potential negative impacts of this.   While the slow-down in growth is alarming it does not point to signs of a double dip.  Achuthan says:

“The continued easing in WLI growth indicates that U.S. economic growth will start decelerating in the coming months.”

Achuthan says the chances of a double dip are “nowhere in sight”.   However, he says stock prices are unlikely to perform anywhere near how they performed last year.

Source: ECRI