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As you all clearly know, this website is all about money.  It’s about deciphering the global financial system in the search to find ways that further benefit all of us.  If you’re a regular reader of the site consider yourself lucky.  You’re in a rare position in this world to obtain access to information and knowledge that a rare few have and even fewer truly understand.  What you ultimately do with that knowledge, information and money says a great deal about who you are.

I often rant about how global governments abuse their powers of money creation and money distribution and too often overlook the real needs of Main Street, but the crisis in Haiti has shown that even in a time of financial hardship, governments sometimes make great decisions.  You can help.

I had no idea how bad things were in Haiti until I saw the special on 60 Minutes this weekend.  If you haven’t been moved to donate money take a few minutes and watch the devastation and I guarantee you you’ll change your mind:

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  • You can also text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10.