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A very rare television interview with Ray Dalio, founder of BridgeWater, the world’s largest hedge fund.  Dalio describes how he approaches the market and what his current outlook is.

Dalio says:

  • The USD will eventually lose its reserve currency status (over the next 10 years).
  • He is bullish about equities in 2011.
  • Equities are still comparatively cheap.
  • Gold is still unappreciated as an asset class.
  • Diversification is the key.  Dalio likes diversfiying out of dollar denominated assets such as emerging markets and gold.
  • He believes the Fed saved us from a depression.
  • Economic growth will slow in Q4 2011.
  • De-leveraging is not over yet, but stimulus is offsetting the effects.
  • The economy will be much weaker in 2012.
  • He likes emerging market currencies.

Source: CNBC

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