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Deep thoughts by David Rosenberg:

A good friend, and long-time reader, was kind enough to pass along these thoughts yesterday.  Basically, the stars are starting to align for something really big to happen.

First, the Shanghai index peaked in August 2009 and had a secondary top in December 2009 (global demand slowing?).  Many emerging markets are all negative year to date.

Second, gold peaked in the first week of December 2009 (and now breaking down) while the U.S. dollar index (the DXY) is breaking higher (Greece has not been resolved).

Third, TIPs (ETF) peaked the first week of December 2009 (and just broke to a new four month low).

Fourth, commodity prices peaked in the first week of January and appear to be rolling over.  Head-and-shoulders top from October 2009 peak?

Fifth, could we be in for a March peak in equities?  The NYSE new high list peaked six trading days ago.  Recall that a market correction followed in October of last year and January of 2010 following similar peak in new highs.

Sixth, despite signs of economic cooling in Q1 (around 2.5% growth and half the Q4 pace) and lower inflation expectations, the 10-year Treasury note yield is ratcheting up (in a destabilizing fashion) and devoid of any bearish economic data (for a range of technical/fund flow reasons as was the case in the summer of 2007 — we never said at the Grant’s conference in New York that it was going to be a straight line down).  But in technical lingo, it does look as though the yield is breaking out from a triangle since the December 31, 2009 yield peak — go back to that period in December and January, 3.85% on the 10-year Treasury- note served at least three times to be major technical support — a break of that this time around would mean some serious near-term trouble (the nearby high closing level was 3.98% back on June 10,2009).

Source: Gluskin Sheff

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