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After trying to call the top in equities every other week for the last two years, David Rosenberg has finally thrown in the towel on the bearish calls.  In his Wednesday research report he detailed why he believes equities have achieved a “holy grail” and should continue to move higher:

“On a very near-term basis, and despite my long-standing macro concern list, which has not gone away, it does look like the market is set to rise further.  The technicals are suggesting as much, though I do await what Walter Murphy may have to say on the matter.  I had said before that a breakout to new highs led by higher volume would be an important technical signpost.  Well, we achieved that Holy Grail yesterday – both in level terms and with respect to the change.  This is not throwing in the towel, it is an acknowledgment of what the market internals are flashing at the current time from a purely tactical and technical standpoint….

…All that said, we had a breakout to new highs yesterday and this time, the volume rose on the major exchanges, not to mention rising above the 50 DMA on the Nasdaq, which is a clear sign that the big boys are putting money to work.  This market continues to impressively climb a wall of worry.  Market internals are too strong to ignore right now – the NYSE advancers beat decliners by a 3 to 1 ratio yesterday; the Dow transports soared 1.9%; and the small caps beat their major benchmarks.  My overall macro concerns have not gone away, but these market facts on the ground are tough to ignore.”

These permabears have been an important brick in the wall of worry.  Richard Russell threw in the towel earlier this year and now Rosenberg appears to be throwing in the towel (despite his comments to the contrary).

Source: Gluskin Sheff

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