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CNN Radio: Europe, Bond Vigilantes and More

I joined the guys on CNN radio last Friday to discuss some of the bigger macro topics impacting markets today. Β Some of the topics:

  • Why we’re closer to the end of the Euro crisis than the beginning.
  • Why Europe has to move towards fiscal union or fully disband.
  • Why the fiscal union is the more likely outcome.
  • Fiscal union or some sort of Euro bonds will mark the definitive end of the Euro crisis.
  • The end of the Euro crisis will mark the start of a long-term secular bull market.
  • Why talking to blonde women is better than talking about Europe’s financial woes.
  • Why Germany will not let anyone defect from the Euro.
  • Eliminating the solvency risk is the key to fixing the Euro.
  • Why the bond vigilantes aren’t coming to Japan or the USA.

Listen to the full interview here.

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