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Chart of the Day: Apple vs Microsoft

I jumped off the Apple bandwagon about a year ago when I bought my first Android (which was admittedly just an adequate phone) and started to get the impression that what was once an uncommon product (the iPhone) was now becoming a common one.

There was a time when the iPhone was unmatched.  That’s not to say that it’s a bad product these days.  It’s certainly not.  But the competition has more than closed the gap.  I’ve since purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 (though I still use an iPad and iPod) and I can’t imagine ever switching back.  Especially since my digital life is now synced through a Google account.

Luckily for Apple shareholders, the company isn’t a one trick pony.  After all, it’s not like we’re starting at Blackberry here.

But I did find this corollary interesting – Apple versus Microsoft stock performance.  I hate to extrapolate out using such biased data, but the chart is thought provoking if nothing else.  I’ll let the readers form their own conclusions on this one, but I thought this chart via Bloomberg Briefs was pretty interesting:


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