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The Best Thing You’ll Read Today – Before I go

Here’s a powerful essay in Stanford Medicine by Paul Kalanithi. Kalanithi was a neurosurgeon who died three days ago from metastic lung cancer. But he left a beautiful series of notes on his experience. I know this site is about money, finance and economics, but the reality is that most of the people who read this… Read More

The Only Basic Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need

If there’s one thing I am most proud of it’s that I became 100% financially independent (meaning I relied on no other entity or person for income or financial assistance) before the age of 30. Yes, there was a certain degree of luck that went into that (e.g., if I’d started my first company in 1999… Read More

Three Things I Think I Learned in 2014

Every year in this business is a time for learning and development. That’s the best part of being involved in the financial markets. They are so dynamic that you never quite “solve the puzzle” because the puzzle is always getting reshuffled in front of you right when you think you’ve got it solved. Here are… Read More

GDP Isn’t Designed to Measure Happiness

There’s been a movement in recent years to try to calculate what matters most to a country so we can provide an index of overall happiness.  Being able to put a number on such a thing could theoretically help provide policy that improves overall living standards.  That would be a good thing obviously. I got… Read More

What A Half Ironman Taught me About Investing

I did the Vineman Half Ironman this past weekend in northern California.   It’s a beautiful race that takes you through the vineyards outside Napa during a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.  I’d never performed in a long distance event of any kind and couldn’t bike 10 miles or run… Read More