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How did we get so Busy?

Elizabeth Kolbert has an excellent piece in the New Yorker titled “no time” in which she discusses how we have a better standard of living in general, but seem to have less time to enjoy that standard of living.  She cites a prediction by JM Keynes who wrote in “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren” in… Read More

Books that Change Lives

Business Insider is running a cool feature on “books that changed our lives”.  It covers 24 different opinions on different books.  I had to laugh at the Macreconomics selection (the text by Ben Bernanke) given that I think much of the text contains erroneous views on money and finance, but that’s a different matter. I… Read More

Money and Happiness

“We suggest that people should stop thinking exclusively about how to get more money, and instead focus more on whether they are getting the most happiness out of the money they already have.” I really liked this interview in Scientific American about money and happiness.  Michael Norton of Harvard Business is interviewed to discuss his… Read More

What is the Purpose of this Website?

People often ask me why I write this website?   I think it’s important for you to know why I write it so here is why: I learn a huge amount from writing.  I don’t know everything and I write in large part because I am trying to solve what I view as a huge… Read More

Weekend Reading: There’s More to Life than Happiness

A big part of my work has been influenced by the French philosopher Volney who stated that human beings strive to become happy through becoming better and more virtuous. In Empire of Ruins he wrote that the purpose of life was: “To render you more happy…by rendering you better and more virtuous. It is to… Read More

What If Money Didn’t Matter?

I like this video via Mike Covel.  Alan Watts has become a bit of an internet hero in some circles for his heterodox philosophical views. This one touches on an important point.  As I like to say, you don’t live to invest, you invest to live.  Or said differently, you don’t live to work, you… Read More

The Most Watched TED Talks

I love TED talks.   Long-time readers know I post a lot of them on the website and really value learning through studying the ideas of others.   Anyhow, Tech Crunch compiled a really great list of the 20 most watched TED talks ever.  I haven’t even watched them all, but I wanted to pass… Read More