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ISM came in at 35.8% – a sharp retraction as the S&P plummets to new lows.Ā  It looks like the storm on the east coast has snowed in all the buyers….

6a00d83456eefc69e200e54f33f1358833-640wiHere’sĀ  a peak at what some ISM respondents are saying:

  • “Customers across the board are being very cautious about ordering any stock.” (Transportation Equipment)
  • “Business is very slow, some of which is due to seasonality, and some is due to the state of the economy.” (Chemical Products)
  • “Asia previously was over 50 percent of our business and is now close to zero.” (Machinery)
  • “Still seeing frequent attempts at increases while everything is reacting to an economy that is retracting.” (Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products)