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Bull versus Super Bull

I was trying to find a case of bull versus bear, but the majority of the commentary has turned quite bullish so you’ll have to settle for one side of the debate this time. ┬áThis segment brings you bull versus super bull. ┬áHere we have Dean Maki, Chief US Economic of Barclays and Tobias Levkovich, Chief US Equity Stratgist at Citigroup.

Maki’s outlook summarized:

  • The US economy is stronger than most presume.
  • Recent data shows no recession imminent.
  • Corporate profits have slowed.
  • Europe will resolve their issues, but problems remain.
  • The Fed will NOT launch QE3 in September.
  • Gasoline prices will challenge consumers in the coming months.
Levkovich’s outlook summarized:
  • Expect “significant” stock market gains in the coming 6-12 months.
  • The panic/euphoria model is still showing excessive pessimism.
  • Don’t look at the VIX for market directionality.

Bull Dean Maki:

Super bull Tobias Levkovich:


Source: Bloomberg TV

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