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The man who broke the pound in 1992 is now saying the entire country might be in trouble.

Mr Soros – speaking days after an auction of government bonds failed for the first time in 14 years, ringing alarm bells about Britain’s ability to fund its growing debts – said that Gordon Brown might have to go begging for billions of pounds in international aid. He also warned that next week’s G20 summit in London was the last chance to avert a full-scale depression that could prove worse than that in the 1930s.

“You have a problem that the banking system is bigger than the economy . . . so for Britain to absorb it alone would really pile up the debt,” he said. Asked about the chances of Britain having to seek help from the International Monetary Fund, he said that if the banking system continued to collapse, it was “a possibility”. At this stage, he added, it was “not a likelihood”.

This strikes me as being very strange.  The British government has a printing press like the USA which makes the potential for default very low considering that its debts are mostly domestic.  This isn’t like the 1970s when Soros broke the Pound, but I guess I could be wrong.