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BOB DOLL’S 10 FOR 2010

In continuation of a tradition he started at Merrill Lynch, Bob Doll, Vice Chairman of Blackrock and one of the largest equity managers in the world, released his 10 for 2010.  I have to admit, they are essentially in-line with the consensus.

  • S&P 500 rallies to 1250
  • Emerging markets outperform developed markets
  • U.S. outperforms other developed markets
  • Earnings growth of 20% Plus
  • U.S. economy grows at 3%
  • Job growth turns positive early in the year but unemployment remains high
  • Inflation remains low
  • Expects rates to rise across the curve
  • Stocks outperform cash and bonds
  • Overweight health care, tech and telecom — Underweight financials utilities and materials
  • M&A picks up because of strong cash flow and slow growth
  • GOP makes gains in House and Senate but Dems continue to control Congress

Source: BlackRock

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