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The Best Investment – Travel

Sometimes it feels like our world is becoming more closed off despite the fact that we’re more interconnected than we’ve ever been. This interconnectedness is new and scary in ways. I get it, but it’s also exciting and something I think we should try to embrace.

Of all the investments I’ve ever made in my life travel is certainly among the very top. I was fortunate to be born to parents who loved to travel. My mom and dad would lug all 8 of us all over the USA and the world. It not only opened my mind to different environments and cultures but it brought me closer to the people who matter most to me.

I say this as I am coming back from a trip to South Africa where I saw the beauty of Cape Town, the wonders of safari and the dangers of Johannesburg. I witnessed extreme inequality, extreme beauty, and extremely welcoming and friendly people. I loved South Africa and there was virtually nothing about the experience that could have made me anything less than more open-minded. My brain feels full, my body feels replenished and my heart feels filled with gratitude.¹

I can’t say that I have a lot of great advice for the readers here. But if I were to give you some advice on how best to spend your money it’s that you should spend more time and money getting out of your bubble and your comfort zone. Experiences truly are the best investment and there are few greater experiences than travel. So get out there and explore and understand this great big beautiful world of ours. It will open your mind and bring you closer not only to the people who are far away from you, but to the people who are closest to you.

¹ – There’s quite a bit of empty space in my brain so this is an unusual feeling. 

Update – Some South Africans were upset by my comments about safety and inequality. It was not my intent to focus on negatives here and I am sorry if it comes across negative. I found the South Africans to be wonderful, friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend visiting.