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This is an old presentation, but is even more applicable today than it was in 2004 when T2 originally presented it.  Regular readers know that I am a closet psychologist.   Understanding psychology and controlling the natural survival instincts inside each of us is one of the most important factors leading to investment success.  This presentation nicely summarizes the application of behavioral finance.

  1. VCC

    You’re the man..this is great stuff. Behavioral Finance was one of the few areas of economics that Soros lent credence to. I keep going off about reflexivity but it’s so so relevant to what’s happening right now…especially with JPM, C, and BAC on deck..

  2. Cullen Roche

    It’s so understated in investing circles. Controlling your own emotions and understanding the tendencies of others is so vital. over the years I’ve learned to become almost robotic in the way I invest (although there is the occasional chair throwing incident here and there). I’m glad Im not the only turbo nerd who enjoys this sort of stuff….

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