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A Roundtable I’d Like to Sit at….

Great list of thinkers here from James Osborne of Bason Asset Management.  This would be a fun group of people to sit down with.  Not sure how much I’d be able to contribute, but it would be fun nonetheless.  If you don’t read everyone on this list then you should start:

Jason Zweig.  The author of Wall Street Journal’s The Intelligent Investorpersonal finance column, editor of the revised version of Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, Zweig has worked hard to earn the respect of individual and professional investors alike.

Jack Bogle. The father of Vanguard and the patron saint of low-cost index funds, Bogle is a must-have for my little dinner party.

Josh Brown. For the jokes.  Josh is the author of The Reformed Broker blog and his book Backstage Wall Street is a great look at what it is like to be inside a Street brokerage firm.

Eugene Fama.  Often considered the father of modern portfolio theory, devising that investment return and risk are intrinsically linked, Fama is the McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Michael Lewis.  Lewis, author of The Big Short and Liar’s Poker (among others) is my favorite financial journalist/author.  Lewis was inside Wall Street (Salomon Brothers) during the junk bond heydey (the premise of Liar’s Poker) and left to become a writer.

Mebane Faber.  Mebane is a portfolio manager at Cambrian Investment Research where he runs a global tactical asset allocation strategy (hey, I can’t agree with everyone at dinner, right?).

Tom Brakke. Tom is an institutional investment consultant and author of the Research PuzzleTom has cut his niche into the world of asset manager research and selection, helping institutional investors make informed decisions about their investment process.

Tadas Viskanta. Tadas is the author of Abnormal Returns and a blog by the same name. The blog is chock full of great link curation for those staying up to date on news in today’s markets, and Tadas’ book is a field guide for investors, a sensible and thoughtful approach to investment strategies.



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