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A Note About Scary Websites

Dear Readers,

I want you to be aware that there are lots of scary websites out there.  The internet, after all, is a place where publishers make money if they drive attention and page views to their sites.  So, if you spend most of your time writing about monetary economics, basic banking and really boring stuff like that then you’re unlikely to drive much traffic and revenue to your site.  On the other hand, if you write scary headlines, invoke emotion (mainly scaring people) and overreact to everything then your content will have much higher odds of snowballing or going “viral” as the nerds say.  Driving traffic to a website is not rocket science.

But you have to be really careful with these kinds of sites.  They aren’t actually out to serve your best interests.  They really just want you to keep coming back every day so they can feed on your emotions like a leach.  After all, that’s how they survive.  If they didn’t keep you coming back they’d go out of business and the authors would have to go out and find real jobs doing something that doesn’t involve scaring the shit out of people professionally.

Anyhow, be careful out there.  The internet’s a scary place with a lot of people looking to make a buck by feeding on your sensitivities.  It’s fine to read scary websites.  But just make sure you also read the other end of the spectrum.  Finding a balanced view of the world is all about trying to understand and digest many alternative views of the world.  Reality rarely lies on one end of the political or emotional spectrum.


the guy who writes about monetary economics and basic banking too much.

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