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A Little Housekeeping to Start 2014….

Hi Everyone.  Welcome back to the office.  I am sure you’re excited to be there.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve switched up some things on the site a little bit:

  • I brought back the forums.  I had been meaning to do this ever since I upgraded the server so I finally got around to it.  It is posted permanently in the top tool bar at the far right and is linked here.  There is also a widget in the right sidebar on every page showing the latest topics in the forum.  I’ve designed the forum into 5 sections: economics & monetary theory, macro trading thoughts, reading topics, random thoughts and “Ask Cullen”.  The discussions are a lot cleaner and better organized there so I hope this will become a better resource for some people since the comments in posts just disappear once posts disappear.
  • Also, the “Ask Cullen” page has been moved from its dedicated website back into the forums.  I tried to transition a lot of the topics from the old page as well.   I think this will keep things more organized.

Hopefully this will organize things a bit better and help me stay on top of answering people’s questions and following the conversations.  I hope the forum become a more organized resource page for everyone to use.

If you have any questions or thoughts please let me know.

NB – No, I don’t work for the Fed.  🙂

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