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A Different Kind of Mexican Hangover….

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days, but I spent my weekend competing in the Ironman Cabo event.  It was a torture fest in 90 degree weather across 2.4 miles of ocean, 112 miles of biking (oh, with 7500 feet of climbing – that’s about a quarter of Mt Everest for those keeping tabs) and then we ran (well, walked a lot in my case) a marathon.  It looks like 35-40% of the field didn’t finish and I only made the cutoff time by an hour or so (16 hours).  So let’s just say I’m feeling a slightly different type of hangover from what most people would consider a normal trip to Cabo, Mexico.

Anyhow, I really apologize for the lack of communication.  I’ll be back up and running things like normal in the next 48 hours.  Thanks to everyone who reached out for the support.  It means a lot.