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4 Potential Positive Surprises in a World of Worry

I know it’s all the rage to talk about all the economic negatives these days, but what if things turn out “better than expected”?   Something to ponder via Print Turner:

“Amidst all the worries, what are some potentially positive surprises?

  • Energy prices continue to moderate, putting more spending money in consumer pockets, reducing corporate operating costs and boosting economic growth.
  • U.S. economic data such as auto sales, business loans and employment continue modest improvement. New home construction and sales, spurred on by record low interest rates, meaningfully contribute to growth.
  • Emerging market countries (China, India, Latin America, etc.) take stronger actions to stimulate economic growth in their own countries thereby spearheading renewed global growth.
  • Stabilized and improving home values add to the positive “wealth effect” for U.S. households for the first time in five years. This is the most unexpected and welcomed economic surprise.”

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