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Ed Harrison over at Credit Writedowns has put out his 10 for 2012.  He has some pretty interesting predictions for the new year:

“Yesterday morning, I did the first weekly newsletter on my ten surprises for 2012. Here’s a brief version of the list. Like Wien, I think these are events most see as 1 in 3 but have a 50% or better likelihood of occurring.

  1. Greece sees writedowns
  2. Romney gets the nod in the US
  3. China has a hard landing
  4. India slows more than China
  5. Australia’s property boom ends
  6. European equities outperforms
  7. US GDP comes in below Byron Wien’s expected 3%
  8. German GDP slows dramatically
  9. Gold has its first off year
  10. The ECB provides more explicit backstops”

Source: Credit Writedowns

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