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Has the Fed Caused an Economic Slowdown?

Greg Ip has a piece in the Wall Street Journal arguing that the Fed has caused the US economy to slowdown.  He says that the Fed has already started to tighten policy (by ending QE) which is leading to expectations of slower future growth which is hurting economic activity.  There’s a couple of big problems… Read More

So, Not Really That Passive….

I had to laugh at this article on Forbes from a Robo Advisor firm explaining why they’re changing their asset allocation based on market valuations.  The best part is this: We follow a fundamentally passive investment philosophy (the research on stock picking and active managers shows that they consistently underperform), so we often do nothing. So,… Read More

Why You Probably Aren’t & Shouldn’t be “Anti-Business”

Seth Godin has a thought provoking piece in which he claims he’s “anti-business” and you might be too.  The argument basically boils down to this: The term anti-business actually seems to mean, “against short-term waste, harmful side effects and selfish shortcuts.” Direct marketers were aghast when people started speaking out against spam, but of course,… Read More

Three Misconceptions About Risk Management

Risk management is something every investor realized they needed following the 2007-2009 finanicial crisis. The same thing will happen when the next bear market hits. But too many investors learn the wrong lessons or take misguided advice about how to approach risk. Here are three common misconceptions about risk management.

Mainstream Economics is Flawed & That’s Fine

David Andolfatto and Mark Thoma have written extensive posts defending mainstream economics against its critics (see here and here). These are two very very smart economists who make many salient points and if this is a debate that interests you then you should read their posts. I’ll outline my general thoughts here given that I have… Read More