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Advisory Fees are on the Rise Again….

Complacency must be setting in again because you all are getting lazy. While the rise of low fee funds and advisors continues en masse, the average advisor is actually RAISING their fee. That’s right. According to Investment News the average advisory fee rose by 3 bps to 1.02% in 2014. I’ve discussed this in great… Read More

Bernanke Be(e)n Blogging

Sorry for the title in advance. Very bad joke. But it’s true – Ben Bernanke is going to be writing a blog regularly. You can find his first entry here. It’s a nice summary of many of his primary views and since I’ve spent much of my time disagreeing with many of his primary views… Read More

Buffett’s Performance by Decade

I ran some numbers on Warren Buffett’s performance for a post this week (see Two Finance Phrases I Could Do Without) which led me to run some different calculations on Berkshire Hathaway’s returns over the years.

Someone is Always Outperforming Your Portfolio

I have some bad news for you. Someone, somewhere has a portfolio that is doing better than yours is. It might be Warren Buffett or your neighbor or your worst enemy (the latter two are often the same thing). The thing is, when we put together portfolios we have to remember a few hard truths… Read More

A Little Asset Price Inflation is a Good Thing

Any time I write a story about inflation I inevitably get lots of responses about asset price inflation. For some reason this is always implied as a bad thing. But asset price inflation is not necessarily bad. In fact, a little asset price inflation is a good thing. If we look at this from a… Read More