Speaking Engagements

Cullen Roche is available for live presentations and speaking engagements for conferences, seminars and private events.

Mr. Roche’s vast understanding of the monetary system, finance and economics has made him a sought after speaker and educator. His unique approach and unbiased views provide easily digestible and comprehensive perspectives of the world of finance and money and help listeners overcome many of the misunderstandings that currently plague the world of money.

He is a regular speaker at AAII, CFA Institute events and on University campuses around the country.  He also has extensive media experience regularly appearing on Bloomberg, Fox Business and other media networks.

You can see a sample of Mr. Roche’s speaking here:


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Mr. Roche has a vast understanding of economic and financial topics including, but not limited to:

  • Portfolio construction and asset management
  • Economic and finance forecasting
  • The institutional and operational design of the monetary system
  • Public policy including monetary and fiscal policy
  • Behavioral finance

– “While Ben Graham was the consummate ‘bottoms up’ investor, it could be said that Cullen Roche is the consummate ‘top down’ investor.” – David Foulke, Managing Member of Alpha Architect

– “When you read Cullen Roche, you learn how the world works. One of his strengths is that he doesn’t write his posts in a pedantic manner. He puts across his ideas in clear, easy-to-decipher language.” – Jon Friedman, Wall Street Journal

– In 2012 Mr. Roche was named one of the “101 Best Finance People” – Business Insider

– Mr. Roche was named one of the “Top Wall Street Economists, Experts and Opinion Leaders” in 2011. – Wall Street Economists

– “One of the most influential economic thinkers today.” – Joe Weisenthal, Bloomberg

– Mr. Roche is a “ridiculously prolific guy.” – Jon Carney, CNBC

– In 2015 Mr. Roche was named to the Investment News’ top 40 Under 40.