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The Best Econ and Finance Research of 2015

SSRN published their top 10 papers of 2015 and my paper Understanding the Modern Monetary System came in at #6.  I’m incredibly humbled to be on a list like this where the names Fama, French, Asness and Faber are listed.  Of course, many of these papers are old and so they end up on a… Read More

The Best of the Financial Blogosphere in 2015

If you didn’t pay much attention to the financial markets you’re in luck because it wasn’t a whole lot of fun. And if you didn’t read a single financial blog all year you’re also in luck because here’s a great round-up of some of the best items from the financial blogosphere:

Three Things I Think I Think You Should be Reading

Here are three things I think I think you should be reading: 1) Here’s a very smart piece by Jesse Livermore over at Philosophical Economics.  Jesse questions the validity of backtesting, systematic approaches and the importance of looking into these approaches with a grain of salt.  I’m a big fan of well reasoned skepticism in finance… Read More

My Top Ten Non-Investing Books for Investors

Last week, other bloggers and I provided favorite reads for Tadas Viskanta and his terrific site, Abnormal Returns. There are a lot of good and helpful suggestions offered there. But I am seldom asked about books in a broader context — books that changed my overall thinking and thus necessarily changed how I view investing and the markets. The ten books shown in the gallery below did just that. They were (and are) particularly illuminating. I highly recommend them.

Books that Change Lives

Business Insider is running a cool feature on “books that changed our lives”.  It covers 24 different opinions on different books.  I had to laugh at the Macreconomics selection (the text by Ben Bernanke) given that I think much of the text contains erroneous views on money and finance, but that’s a different matter. I… Read More