What Would You Like to See More of in 2021?


I want to write more and focus on the blog and education in 2021. Let me know what topics, ideas or types of writing you'd like to see more of?

"Pragmatic Capitalism is the best website on the Internet. Just trust me. Please?" - Cullen Roche

Have you ever considered doing videos or a podcast? Audio/video about timely topics would be more enjoyable than reading in my opinion.

Thanks for all your work over the years.




congrats on your baby girl.  Your career whatever that is will now really take off with the forced efficiency of your time.  It’s counter intuitive, but a fact.

miss your blogs.  We are at a crucial time and many of us fliers of your blog need your insight.  There is no question in my mind the US is on the path - probably soon - that the Soviet Union collapsed out of no where.   I am not a doomsday believer, but only a believer in progress.  It can be painful.   Russia with all of Putin’s flaws, is better off than under Soviet communism.

what does America look like after our system resets?   I don’t know.  But it’ll be painful and we’ll emerge better.

but what do we do to preserve wealth while we go through this change?  US dollar?  It’s not the same as the ruble for sure, but lots of debt.   Where do we hide?

that is a glaring key to what needs to be addressed.   We need your guidance.


now, regarding your career, why not charge for more writings?  Mark Mason is a hell of a writer, charges a yearly fee on his newsletters.  He does well.


you are a equality talented writer wirh a gift of clarity, practicality and discernment most of all.   Charge is!

But whatever you do, write more.  It’s education!


CR: congrats on the baby. thanks for keeping us all levelheaded during these crazy times and keep up the writing!