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The Rise of Hysterical Left Wingnuts

Education?  And how is that supposed to work exactly?  People are already not reproducing themselves, and economists say that the economy is therefore unsustainable.  There may indeed be too many of us.  So apart from PSAs telling people to stop having kids, what do you suggest?  Even an actual law in China did not work.

I guess you're right, education has only taught you how to be contentious rather than be discerning.  I've already mentioned my perplexity as to the results of less population upon the economy, and, by the way, there are aproximately one half billion less Chinese in this world because of Chinese government action.  Instead of continuing to beat a dead horse, I would love to hear something constructive come from one of your entries.

I am all for education, but I don't think that education makes much of a difference here. Let's put things in perspective:

The birth rate of the most educated countries has been steadily in decline, yet CO2 emission per capita of the world's most educated people generally dwarfs that of the less educated ones. For instance the CO2 emission per capita for Canada is almost 34 times that of Nigeria.

So how exactly education is supposed to work?

Say by proper education, we decide to cut the birth rate in Nigeria, the largest country in Africa by population, in half. How significant of an impact would it have on AGW?

Or should we educate the already declining population of more educated countries to practically stop having kids?

And how long would it take for the results of such educational programs to kick in, considering that there is a huge risk that time is running out?

The Chinese government says that 400 million births were averted by their one child policy.  However, it is well-known that as economic conditions improved, fertility drops.  In addition, half of Chinese families were allowed more than one child because of various exceptions in the rules.   Furthermore, wealthy Chinese mothers went to other countries to give birth to their subsequent children so that their children would not be stateless.  I personally know a woman who has FIVE children, four of whom were born outside China.

The issue is not so simplistic as "too many people, so fewer people."    Taken to their logical conclusion, genocide is the repugnant answer, as the manifestos of the recent mass shooters in Texas and New Zealand pointed out.   Societal problems are multivariate.   The answer for too many people is not fewer people, as the Chinese found out, as all kinds of secondary problems emerged.  Since 2016, the Chinese have relaxed the policy and now allow two children.

Nowhere is lower fertility correlated with decreased production of pollution.  In fact, the correlation is exactly the opposite.  Lower fertility is correlated with increased prosperity and increased consumption of resources which is then correlated with increased production of greenhouse gases.  Policymakers need to create a systemic and comprehensive program.