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Ray Dalio - where to protect value and wealth

The Changing Value of Money 
Ray Dalio | May 7, 2020


Does Tim Watkins have a point?

"Companies could – and did – borrow for nothing in order to buy back shares on which they would otherwise have to pay higher dividends.  . . .   It was, however, a disaster for investors. . . .  Institutional investors – such as insurance and pension fund managers did not even have these nominally safe havens.  Worse still, their business models were developed in the heady years after World War Two when a return on investment of between 5 and 10 percent could reasonably be expected.  In the post-2008 environment, safe investment in 0.5% government bonds meant bankruptcy.  The “search for yield” was on."

The myth of “the new normal”

Interesting.  I’d like to hear Cullens thoughts on a reset of assets and money

Re the Dalio piece - seems like a long-winded way of saying "inflation exists and can be risky".

Re the new normal piece - seems overly bearish to me. This isn't anything like the Great Depression.

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