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Many Thanks !

Cullen, I want to say thank you for all your effort put into making this blog. It is one of only few sources out there to enlighten us in particular those who are still struggling to gain correct understanding how economy and more importantly banking works.

Btw, I have also purchased your book "Pragmatic Capitalism". It's wonderful book. Hopefully you still have spirit to always update the content as well as assist us in searching for truth and reality.

Hi @kevlar,

You’re too kind. This website is a real passion of mine. I see so much misinformation out there that it’s nice to be able the help people out by trying to cut through all the politics and conflicts of interest that lead people to misunderstand money, finance and economics.

Glad you’ve learned a little something!

- Cullen

"Pragmatic Capitalism is the best website on the Internet. Just trust me. Please?" - Cullen Roche