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Nassim Taleb has made it clear that if you don't deadlift, then you are probably an idiot.  So.... How much can you deadlift?

Ha. I love Taleb, but I haven't done a deadlift since high school. I had a linebacker coach senior year who said they are extremely bad for your lower back. Or, they put an unnecessary load on the lower back. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I see many power lifters and NFL players who agree.


I actually hexbar deadlift quite a lot. But not for max effort, more for reps and slow twitch muscle fiber workouts. I can do about 50 reps of a 100LB hexbar. No idea what that translates to for a max rep DL, but I'm not really built for power lifting (tall and lean is a bad frame for power lifting) so I have never really tried to workout like a power lifting because I'd probably never be any good at it anyhow....

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I'm with Cullen - the hex bar deadlifts are good - much safer than conventional deadlifts.  Sadly for me, my old gym (with the hex bar) closed and my new gym does not have one.  It seems that many of the new gyms (franchises), like Planet Fitness, don't have much in the way of free weights apart from dumb bells.  They're obviously afraid of the liability.  I could join a "real" gym, but the location isn't convenient.  Also, at age 59, I really can get all the weight training I need at Planet Fitness/

Age isn't a contraindication for lifting weights, if anything its more an indication you need to do so since body muscle percentage correlates with QOL and life expectancy.  The alternative is sarcopenia, falls, fractures, weakness, sedentary lifestyle, rinse, repeat from not offsetting it by pumping iron.  No thanks.

Anyway, I've switched to the sumo stance for deadlifting after spraining my lower back and reading this thread.  If that doesn't work, it's onto the hexbar.