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Cullen, what to do now?

Speaking of Assflation, the Ass and Pee has broken above 4000.

What to do now, Cullen?

I cannot bring myself to buy more stawks. Stawks are way too frigging expensive. The dividend rate on the SPY is pitiful at this point. The TLT now yields double that of SPY. Insane?!?!?

All my passive income now is 100% going to Bitcoin, Cullen. Yes, I am "saving" in Bitcoin.

Cullen, according to your Countercyclical Indexing metrics, is now a good time to buy more Stawks?

Would depend on your risk profile.

But in general, you pretty much always want to be buying stocks. You dollar cost average into a savings plan specifically because it's impossible to time the market. A countercyclical approach would involve contributing lower relative amounts in an environment like today, but that is totally contingent on personal details.....

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