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US Net Wealth has surged!

US Net Wealth has “surged”.  By what metric?

GDP growth is been about as anemic as any previous recovery during the same 10 year period that Public Debt was exploding!   So in theory, this should have been one of the most prosperous decades in history if we measure it by GDP Growth Rate.

The stock market has almost quintupled from the 2009 lows.  That has “surged” no doubt.  Is that what you mean by “Net Wealth”?

Most of that Wealth went to a small group of people, and that perceived wealth is contingent on the price the last person paid for it.

I would ask: Did the median (not mean) household income increase at a higher rate than inflation?


See the Derivation of US Net Wealth per the Z1 report.

This has nothing to do with wealth inequality. The fact that inequality is high does not mean net wealth hasn't surged. It's the value of the things we create that ultimately supports the value of the USD, not the distribution of those things.


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