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Cullen's Bio

Cullen, I saw your short bio in heterodox.economicblogs.org stating that you are former mail delivery boy. Is that true ? Then how can you get the opportunity the learn all finance stuffs ?

In other topic, you mentioned that you have studied finance for longer than 99% of the people on this planet. I wonder how many years you have spent on this. Sharing about your life story would be appreciated.


Hi Kev,

Yes, I worked in the mail room of a law firm in college. I pushed one of those funny metal carts around and delivered mail to rich lawyers who didn't have the time to even acknowledge my existence. It was a great learning experience. In at 4AM, out at 2PM. Jobs like that will teach you humility.

I've been studying finance pretty voraciously since I was in college so we're looking at 20+ years. I might be slightly OCD so I tend to get obsessive about things and study everything I can get my hands on. I certainly wouldn't say that I know everything (far from it!!!), but I think my experience combined with the timing of my career gave me a pretty unique understanding about some timely topics like interest rates, sovereign money and capitalism in general. I've been self employed for most of that time so there was a healthy mix of free time and the need to learn how to eat what I kill, so to speak. Running your own business is a huge education all on its own....

Here's to hoping the next 20+ years are even more educational than the last 20 years and especially to hoping that I can pass on a lot of what I know so that other people can benefit from it.


"Pragmatic Capitalism is the best website on the Internet. Just trust me. Please?" - Cullen Roche

I consider you an interest rate expert. It's always been the one area that I think you have a unique understanding of.

Cullen, so you have been running your own business even before working in merrill lynch ?

No, I worked at Merrill for about 2 years before I started my own business.

"Pragmatic Capitalism is the best website on the Internet. Just trust me. Please?" - Cullen Roche