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Any Thoughts on the President Actually Declaring War on The Cina Virus?

Cullen, PDJT has declared War on the virus and the Monetary &  Fiscal BAZOOKAS are taking AIM.  However,  the WSJ and Fox news is pushing a narrative that a prolonged shut down will devastate small business which is the backbone of our economy..  But Still all that Money flowing into the system, what are your thoughts on how it flows macro wise through the lens of Sectoral Balances? Does that two+ trillion just get reallocated into foreign cash holdings because we buy so much stuff from overseas in which they in turn buy treasury's?..

How Do we best keep that cash Local and moving back n forth in our localized economy to stimulate self growth?


Good questions.  I only have an opinion on one piece right now - and that's the $1,200 (or whatever) that our Treasury Secretary suggested should be sent to everyone.  I am against that move.  I think it makes more sense to target the people who have (or will soon) filed for unemployment. Waive the requirement (temporarily) that applicants be actively seeking employment and get them checks right away and keep them going for a few months.  I don't view this as stimulative - I view this as preventing a depression.

Yep I agree, I have a job so that 1200 is not much to me, but to those without a Job it would help more..  Not sure why it's meant for everyone, perhaps politics because everyone is going to be impacted by this in one way or another. But again I agree, focus on those in need first.

It's pretty small potatoes to be honest. The US economy is about to get hit with a $4-5T loss in GDP. That's colossal.

To me, this is all about how long this virus lasts. Because it if lasts for a year then you're going to have some real economic damage on our hands. $1200 a person won't do a damn thing if people are losing the equivalent of 3K per month. I guess it's a decent start, but it's not gonna offset the economic losses.

My guess is they're gonna be implementing another package here in a few weeks.

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