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Bringing Back the Pragcap Discussion Forum!

Due to high demand I am going to bring back the Pragmatic Capitalism discussion forum. Many of you know I’ve had problems with forums and comments sections in the past and I’ve tried to move commentary to Twitter mostly, but I have to be honest – Twitter has increasingly devolved into an anonymous argument spewing mess. While it has valuable features I feel like it’s hard to maintain a continuous and useful dialogue with people.

So, let’s try this again. The new Asgaros Forum on WordPress looks fantastic and I am going to give it a try. I’ll bring back the popular Ask Me Anything section and also offer a general discussion forum. You’ll need to register to comment. If you did so in the past you can just log-in or have a new password sent your way.

I’ve always enjoyed the productive feedback from the readers here and it’s an education source more than anything else so I hope you’ll respect my wishes to maintain positive and productive dialogues on the forum. Let’s leave the personal nastiness to other sites. It’s not welcome here. I hope this works out to everyone’s benefit and I look forward to hopefully answering lots of good questions and learning from the smart readers here at the same time.