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* To see the old archive of the original “Ask Cullen” page please see here.  

Since the Q&A’s are so popular I figured I’d add a permanent page on the navigation bar so readers can ask questions any time they want.  Feel free to ask anything about anything.  And if it’s a great question I’ll make it a post.  Please bear in mind that I don’t know everything about everything so reader help in answering questions is encouraged, but please only answer if you’re “in the MR paradigm”!  Also, it might take me days to respond some times depending on my time constraints and availability.  And remember, this is all about education so if you think I have something wrong then let’s push the discussion in the right direction towards a better answer.   I don’t give specific investment advice at the website so please avoid specific investment questions.  Lastly, as always, let’s keep it cordial.  This is all in the pursuit of better understanding so let’s be constructive even in our criticism.  Thanks as always.