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Will DACA encourage more ….

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Will DACA encourage more people to move to the USA illegally?

Current DACA applies to minors who entered the USA before 2007.

What about minors who entered after 2007?

Will there be an updated version of DACA with a later cut-off date, at a later time?

Bear in mind that if a child has been attending school in USA on the F1 visa since young: F1 visa not allowed to attend public school. F1 visa must pay out of state tuition fees. F1 visa no path to Green Card.

Versus a DACA recipient: Attended public school, pay in-state college tuition, soon to get a path to Green Card.

Who is more “American”: The DACA recipient who has been in the USA since childhood, or the F1 Visa who has been in USA since childhood?

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Posted by Furion Lfg
Posted on 09/14/2017 8:40 AM
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I’m pretty much a libertarian on immigration. I defer to letting immigrants move where they want. But when it comes to DACA and F1 I think this should be fast tracked. These are mostly vetted high quality potential citizens. We don’t just want these people to be citizens our demographics prove that we need them.

I do think we need to be vigilant about controlling the flow of who comes in and from where to some degree. Immigrants need to be vetted. But I am not in favor of closed borders….I think it’s a disastrous economic policy that will quickly turn us into Japan.

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Cullen Roche Posted by Cullen Roche
Answered on 09/14/2017 2:54 PM
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    DACA requires “Had no lawful status on June 15, 2012″”.


    People who follow the law and got a F1 Visa, get absolutely nothing.

    While DACA recipient, breakers of the law though not of their own volition, get a free path to Green Card.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if congress passed a law giving amnesty to all illegal immigrants, while all legal immigrants continue waiting in line.

    Nice !

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    Posted by Furion Lfg
    Answered on 09/14/2017 10:32 PM
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      A Google search “daca f1 visa” shows many F1 visa holders wondering if they are eligible for DACA.

      ROFL !!!

      DACA is such a good deal, F1 visa holders are regretting that they chose to follow the law !!

      What a joke !!

      Go Google “daca f1 visa” and have a look !!!

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      Posted by Furion Lfg
      Answered on 09/15/2017 1:22 PM
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        Sad part of it is that there should be no need for this conversation in the first place. The America’s both North and South have a ton of natural resources that can benefit everyone.

        People in Columbia, or Venezuela etc.. should not feel compelled to have to sneak into the US.

        If we Americans are going to invade countries and nation build, I think it better to invade places south of the border like Venezuela rather than Iraq.
        We would probably get a better return for our blood and treasure.

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        Posted by Cowpoke
        Answered on 09/16/2017 8:41 AM
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          Furion, It is clear by your responses that you were not actually asking a genuine question in good faith. You had the “answer” already predetermined. At this point, it is silly to speculate on what the legislation on DACA will look like, and then proceed as if your speculation is accurate.

          Actually, it was the GOP in 2001 which first introduced the DREAM Act. Eventually, it was passed in the House where it has been sitting gathering dust. It is about time Congress finally do something.

          DACA recipients broke no laws. They were brought here as children by their illegal immigrant parents.

          F-2 visa holders are dependents of F-1 visa holders F-2 visa holders ARE allowed to attend public school. No one is an F-1 “child.” Are you suggesting that the F-1 parent should have brought their children over as illegal aliens and subjected them to the risk of deportation.

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          Posted by Lucas
          Answered on 09/16/2017 5:44 PM
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            Lucas is a do-gooder libtard living in a bubble.

            I was talking about F1 visa and public schools, then you brought up F2 visa ? Strawman? You do know that the many restrictions on the F1 visa that I mentioned are all true right ?

            Illegal immigrants should never get a better deal than legal immigrants.

            As it stands now it makes no sense to get F1 or F2 visa. Many restrictions and no path to GC.

            DACA and DREAM act are such good deals, F1 and F2 visa holders are kicking themselves.

            Some are choosing to let their visa lapse without renewal, just to qualify for DACA.

            Think about that !!! (sorry, forgot do-gooders don’t think)

            Reagan passed amnesty, illegal population went up ten times, from 1 million to 11 million.

            Trump passes amnesty, illegal population goes up to 100 million 30 years from now.

            100 million illegal immigrants. Sounds far fetched, but it will happen once Trump passes amnesty.

            See how you bubble-dwelling do-gooder libtards like it then. San Francisco becomes rape capital of the world. (like Sweden)

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            Posted by Furion Lfg
            Answered on 09/20/2017 10:00 PM
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              You said, “Bear in mind that if a child has been attending school in USA on the F1 visa since young.” It is not a strawman to correct a misstatement. Children are somebody’s dependent. Dependents to not attend school on F-1 visas; they have F-2 visas. So yeah, you brought it up. Kids on F-2 visas may go to public schools. The entire purpose of both F-1 and F-2 visas is not immigration. If your intention is immigration, then the F-1 and F-2 visa is the wrong visa. Immigration will reject your application for an F-1, or F-2 visa if you give any indication that you do not intend to return home. If you are on an F-1 or F-2 visa, and you or your parent let it lapse, you will not qualify for DACA. The F-2 visa is not a stand-alone visa. It is a dependent’s visa and must be associated with a sponsor’s F-1 visa.

              Everything else you say is just garbage speculation intended to evoke an emotional response rather than sound policy based on facts. If you continue to choose personal attacks over facts and sound reasoning, do not be surprised if Cullen pulls your plug. He has warned you before.

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              Posted by Lucas
              Answered on 09/21/2017 11:45 AM
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