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Hi, I’m Cullen Roche and welcome to Pragmatic Capitalism. This is my personal website and a place where millions of people have learned about money and finance over the last decade. I am a professional investment manager who has over 15 years of experience managing hundreds of millions of dollars. After having worked at Merrill Lynch and managing my own successful hedge fund I realized that much of what we learn in economics and finance doesn’t reflect the real-world.

I started this website to create a place where people can think about things objectively and pragmatically. As someone with an accounting and investing background I learned early on that political and emotional biases can be extremely destructive. You’ll find that most of my work resembles something closer to an engineer’s operational perspective of the world as opposed to so much of the political and product salesmanship that exists in finance and economics. I hope this unique view helps you better understand the confusing world of money.

If you want to start learning I’d recommend the following post:

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I’m here to help as best I can so please don’t be shy.

Happy learning!

– Cullen

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