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The Best Investment Writing

I am really excited to announce the first edition of The Best Investment Writing. This is a new collaborative book that takes the best writing from some of the best minds in finance. Meb Faber did an awesome job curating the best content from Jason Zweig, Gary Antonacci, Morgan Housel, Ben Hunt, Todd Tresidder, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, David Merkel, Norbert Keimling, Adam Butler, Stan Altshuller, Tom McClellan, Jared Dillian, Raoul Pal, Barry Ritholtz, Ken Fisher, Chris Meredith, Aswath Damodaran, Ben Carlson, Dave Nadig, Josh Brown, Corey Hoffstein, Jason Hsu, Wes Gray, John Reese, Larry Swedroe, Jonathan Clements, Michael Kitces, Charlie Bilello, & John Mauldin.

I contributed a short chapter on how to apply Python Dust (a real thing) to a chicken’s ass to avoid mites and diseases.¹ Seriously, you will love this book. It’s so diverse and so educational. And the best part is that Meb is donating all the author proceeds to charity.  Why wouldn’t you buy this book?

Buy it here: The Best Investment Writing

¹ Yes, this is a real thing I do for my chickens and no, I did not write a chapter in any book on this.   

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