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Are Expectations Too High For Trump?

Back in early 2009 the public was euphoric about President Obama and the change he was ushering in. At the time I asked if expectations were too high: On the bright side, [Obama’s] entering office when things are downright awful, which likely means we’re closer to the bottom than the top.  But you still have… Read More

Paul Krugman is Right (For the Wrong Reasons)

Excuse me while I dust off my nerd suit and jump into an extremely dorky debate. I won’t criticise you for falling asleep half way into this article….   Paul Krugman has made a bunch of big league predictions over the last few years.¹ He predicted lower rates, low inflation, marginal impact from QE, insufficient stimulus, etc.… Read More

Passive Investors – Dumb Money or Smart Money?

Michael Maubboussin’s latest piece on passive investing is, predictably, awesome. Since this is one of the topics I’ve spent WAY too much time thinking about I wanted to expand on his thoughts and see if we can’t add some further clarification here because I still think this industry is making a bit of a mess… Read More